NANDO’S, Restaurant

When Nando’s decided to launch a new lighting concept, they selected the new Monte Casino restaurant as its flagship.  Wanting a lighting solution that would bring it in line with the world class standard they have set in the UK, as well as its new aesthetic and interior design. A highly specific lighting design created by internationally renowned lighting designer Tim Henderson, has been brought to life by Triac Lighting and as a result, has achieved a dramatic transformation.

The lighting is layered, and multi-faceted bringing the same attention to detail as the interior design.

The design pushes the aesthetic and technical boundaries of architectural lighting, with the contrasting use of a variety beautiful hand crafted decorative pendants, sophisticated low-glare narrow beam downlighters and miniature art spotlights.

The lighting is carefully zoned and controlled by the Dark Sky Crestron Control System, automatically cycling through a bright morning scene, a vibrant day scene and softer evening scene.

The Crestron Audio System is integrated and is also fully automated, selecting the correct source and volume levels in the various restaurant zones. These settings differ on weekdays to weekends to public holidays, ensuring these different schedules are catered for.

Nando’s in collaboration with Triac subscribe to the Dark Sky initiative of promoting awareness of lighting pollution, and only directing lighting to where it is needed. This same philosophy extends to the choice of light sources, only using LED throughout, and automating the dimming and switching of the lighting and audio to further extend these savings and reducing there carbon footprint.

The intelligent design of the lighting and the control system has made it possible to deliver functional and flexible solution. The Crestron system also facilitates system monitoring and makes day-to-day management of the lighting and audio considerably easier.

“The lighting sets the tone for a whole shift, and creates a warm and inviting feeling for everyone who comes in”

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