TRIAC joins Green Building Council

Sharing the common goal of working to make buildings greener, more human friendly and nicer enviroments has always been a of interest to us. Long before Green was the the buzz colour, we are were dimming and switching lighting, and saving our clients a fortune in enegy costs. This was often unintenial and just a spin off of setting up proffesional lighting control systems, with beautifully dimmed scenes, and carefully considered automated timed events. We and our clients dont take this for granted any longer as now those signifigant savings represent real, measurable effencies in energy saving, maintenanace, and costs. We hope to make a valuable contribution and that this synergy between oursleves and GBCSA will offer a platform for us to learn, share, network, and grow our green friendly business. Keep an eye on our website for our Intellibus LED lighting, and more on using  smart lighting control to save you cash